Build, ship, scale and thrive with Keel

Build, ship, scale and thrive with Keel


Bring ideas to life overnight

Define your data models, actions and permissions using Keel’s intuitive schema language and get a fully hosted, secure and scalable backend in minutes.

It all starts with the schema

The Keel schema is the blueprint of your backend. Define your data, what can done with it, and who is allowed to do what in a clear and concise way that your whole team can understand

Crafted by you, powered by Keel

Don’t ship your database to your clients. Design your API’s to reflect what your application can do and provide cleaner interfaces for your clients. Then let Keel generate



Add patient demographics fields

Fully managed serverless infrastructure

All driven from your schema. Get exactly what your app needs on demand that scales from your first customer to your millionth

Flexible and powerful security

Keel’s permission rules allow for both role-based and row-based permissions, with a powerful expression language to describe joins across your data model.


Ship features fast & fearlessly

No more busywork. You can finally focus on the features your customers actually want with the dev experience you love.


import { models, permissions, SetCompletion, Todo } from "@teamkeel/sdk";

export default SetCompletion(async (ctx, inputs) => {

const todo = await models.todo.findOne(inputs.where);

return models.todo.update(inputs.where, {


completedAt: inputs.values.complete ? : todo.completedAt;



Effortlessly extendable

Write TypeScript functions with a fully-typed database client, tightly integrated with schema permissions, and automatically instrumented. Providing the flexibility to write custom code without compromising on security or scalability.


PR #314

Add new feature


Fix a bug


Add stable feature

Version controlled to the core

Built for teams working collaboratively, Keel fits into your workflow. Sensible schema diffs, branch environments and PR previews

Familiar tools, supercharged

With our CLI and VSCode extension get a full development environment up and running in seconds. Develop your frontend against your local backend, write and run tests, and then push your changes when you’re ready.


Shh! It’s all safe

With seamless integration across multiple environments, Keel takes the stress out of managing sensitive information so you can focus on building your application.


Grow with total peace of mind

Built on tried and tested technology and engineering workflows, Keel lets you grow with zero limitations. Whether it's your team or your revenue.



Improve checkout




Delete account flow




Add team profile


You get an environment. You get an environment. You all get an environment!

Create any number of environments to support your team’s workflow. From multi-step QA environments to dedicated environments for each customer, all with the option of automatic or approval deployments with audit trails



+53% from last period

Complete visibility

Fully understand your system and support your users with detailed traces of every request. Provide a breakdown of each step of the process, including database queries, function logs and external network calls.

job EmailNewCustomer {
@schedule("0 6 * * 5")

Email New Customer

Email New Customer

11/08/2023 at 06:00

19/07/2023 at 10:32




Kim Inger

Last run

Job name

Run by


Cron Jobs

Easily automate repetitive tasks. Configure functions to run on schedules with full observability through the console. For actions that need additional control, manual jobs can be trigged via the console with customisable inputs.


Built in testing

Rather than being an after-thought, testing is built-in to Keel. You can write tests that interact with your database, test permissions, and call your API’s. Tests are written using the Vitest framework and are automatically run for you when you push changes - no need to set up CI!


Connect and empower teams

Goodbye out-of-date spreadsheets and bottlenecks. Let coders and non-coders alike access the right data at the right time, effortlessly and securely.


Providing exceptional customer experience always come down to people having access to the right data at the right time. By placing data models, operations and permissions at the heart of the organisation via the Keel console, coders and non-coders alike will be able to work better and more efficiently together. Creating transparency, alignment and cohesion across the organisation.