We're lowering the barrier to great tech

We're lowering the barrier to great tech

So every team has an equal opportunity to thrive. Building great software from scratch requires a lot of time, expertise, and investment, while off-the-shelf solutions rarely provide the long-term support a business needs to thrive. This leaves businesses at a disadvantage from day one. Keel changes that.


We wished a product like Keel existed, so we built it

Our founders spent years building the technology and processes that powered Europe's fastest-growing pharmacy. As a critical health partner for over half a million patients, they experienced both the power of software and its huge potential for distraction. Keel is the product they wish they had, abstracting the busywork so teams can focus on crafting the experience customers deserve.


Our team has decades of experience across multiple industries


Together, we’re creating a new way to build software


Get the technology and tools of an established team from day one.


Ship quickly and fearlessly, knowing Keel is built for the long haul.


Remove gatekeepers and provide the visibility and tools needed to take action.


Bring teams together, with a single source of truth and a powerful toolkit.


We strive to lead with purpose, ensuring our product and business have a positive social and environmental impact on the world.


Focus on customer experience instead of technical and operational challenges.


Keel's built with 3 core values in mind

Keep it simple

We’re demystifying Tech by designing software that feels simple, accessible and intuitive to coders and non-coders a like.

Build for the future

We want to leave the world in a better state than when we found it. Sustainability is a driving force behind all of our decisions and actions.

Empower others

We’re making things that might have previously seemed impossible, possible by providing the right tools, resources, and opportunities to help people succeed.