Launching a new healthcare offering in three months with Keel

How Bravely used Keel to launch quickly whilst ensuring rigorous and intricate data security requirements are met.

Bravely is a tech-driven solution on a mission to improve collaborative therapy for everyone

Using design and technology to help the 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health struggles, through better tooling designed specifically for mental health professionals. Bravely's goal is to tackle the shortage of mental health practitioners by enabling them to prioritise client wellbeing over admin tasks, thereby making a positive impact in the mental health field.


Bravely recently inked a partnership with a Singaporean clinic to unveil "Bravely Connect," their new B2B offering. The catch? A pressing 3-month deadline and intricate data privacy compliance considerations.

  1. Refined Data Access Control: The clinic required granular control and visibility over who can access what data. For instance, operators should manage appointments without stumbling upon sensitive health records meant exclusively for therapists.

  2. Localised data hosting: In accordance with local regulations, data had to be hosted in Singapore. While not a huge challenge in itself, Bravely needed a solution that would support future global expansion.

Jay Meistrich, Bravely’s CTO, was keen to find a way to tackle these challenges whilst maintaining a pragmatic and cost-conscious backend development strategy. Third-party tools had served them well so far but now failed to support these data security requirements in a way that could be implemented in time.


In just three days, Bravely went from zero to a complete backend. Keel allowed them to quickly build out their data model and core API actions, using the schema to easily design the blueprint for their backend. With the foundations in place, Bravely could now layer in their complex custom business logic with Typescript functions. Moving easily from built-in actions, to extending with hooks, through to fully custom functions, and bringing it all to life by using events to power realtime updates in their apps.

Bravely could focus their time on writing the code that’s completely unique to their business; Keel handled the rest.

“Keel has been instrumental in the successful launch of Bravely’s new platform. Their comprehensive backend solution, paired with the exceptional support of their fantastic team, enabled us to rapidly deploy a sophisticated and meticulously crafted product in a tightly regulated industry. Without Keel, we’d be months behind our current launch.”

Melissa Ng CEO


Default-deny approach with powerful and intuitive permission syntax

With row-level security and role-based access control defined directly in the schema, Bravely was able to quickly implement and iterate on access control with the required level of granularity. Keel’s approach to security has two major advantages:

  1. The default-deny approach ensures zero chances of inadvertently exposing data to unauthorised users complying with the principle of least-privilege security.

  2. The simple but powerful permissioning syntax lets you define complex permission rules directly within the schema, with full type safety.

  3. Hooks and functions allow you to integrate complex permissions into your custom code.

Bravely’s permissioning is critical to their product and needed to be flexible and adaptable as they grow.

“Keel’s built-in permission engine is incredibly secure and powerful — No other service does it this well!"

Jay, CTO at Bravely


Flexible data hosting with multiple environments

Multiple environments are essential when it comes to developing software at scale. That’s why each Keel project comes with the ability to create isolated production environments for varying use cases

Most appealing to Bravely was that each environment comes with its own fully isolated infrastructure and database that can be hosted in any chosen location.

Not only did that answer the requirement for localised data hosting, it also meant Bravely could instantly onboard clinics in other countries by just creating a new environment.

“I’ve spoken to other backend providers about multi-location data hosting and they didn’t have an answer. The only option was to write a manual script to keep multiple products in sync.”

Jay, CTO at Bravely


When simplicity and security meet scalability

With their backend up and running, and a solid set of tools in the Keel console, the team have a strong foundation for continuous development allowing them to confidently push forward with their global expansion while remaining cost-conscious. Meanwhile, drop-in custom functions will add unlimited extendability as they onboard more clients with diverse requirements.

As the team Bravely can run the daily operations of the platform securely through auto-generated internal tools with all the same protections and permissions of their customer facing apps.

“Keel is incredibly powerful. Three days writing code and it all just works from the first attempt! The Schema allows for super easy and intuitive data modelling, particularly around the relationship syntax with all foreign keys sorted. I also just love the DevEx! It's well thought-out and far superior to other products.”

Jay, CTO at Bravely


Discover how Keel can transform your approach to software development

The team at Bravely were able to innovate in their industry with their pragmatic approach to software development. Having a simple, secure and scalable backend solution at their fingertips means they can keep offering more and more value to their clients quicker than competitors without breaking the bank.

At Keel, we believe that successful companies are those where problem owners (operators) work alongside problem solvers (developers) to figure out the right customer-centric solutions together. We’ve built Keel to enable that vision to become reality. You can read more about this here. If you’re facing similar challenges we’d love to hear all about it and see how we can help Book a 1:1 intro.

Together, we build world-class products

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Together, we build world-class products

Join the waiting list for early access to Keel

Together, we build world-class products

Join the waiting list for early access to Keel